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USAV Registration Instructions

USAV Registration is MANDATORY for all Club Volleyball Players!

1. Click THIS LINK
2. If you have ever registered with USAV before, follow the instructions for “Existing Members” for Steps 3 – 5. If you are registering for the first time, follow the instructions for “New Members” for Steps 3 – 5.


(Anyone who has ever registered with USAV)

3. Click “I have previously registered online

4. If you do not have your user name and password, click on the link “Click here to activate your account!” Enter your name (must match the name you are registered under) and a current e-mail address. A User Name and Password will be sent to your e-mail account.

5. Once the User Name and Password are sent to you, return to the page and Log In. Update all information – grade, e-mail, phone numbers, and most importantly, CLUB INFORMATION. If you are a returning Asics Willowbrook Volleyball Club player, your club information should already say Asics Willowbrook Volleyball Club. If you are from another club, you must update this!!! If you do not update the club, you will not be registered with our club!


3. Click “I am a new member

4. Fill out all information – make sure to list Asics Willowbrook Volleyball Club as the club name.

5. Choose Regular as the Membership type.

6. Once all information is correct, scroll down and hit continue. The next page will have all your information again – please double-check the information.

7. Parent/Guardian Information – you must enter a Parent’s Name or Guardian’s Name.

8. USAV Participant Information – you must check either coaching or officiating as an interest, it will not let you go further without choosing one.

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press submit once all information is accurate.

10. For payment, please select “SUBMIT PAYMENT SEPARATELY PER REGION POLICY.” This will allow you to submit the registration without paying.

11. Under the membership information, please make sure if you would like to keep High-Performance Donation or Extended Officials Insurance checked, you must turn in a check for that amount. Willowbrook will only pay the $45 for the registration fees.

12. If everything is correct scroll down to the user agreement, please read and check the “I agree” box.

13. Click the confirm box once complete.

14. It will ask you if your sure you want to submit your application – click OK.

15. A box should come up confirming your application submission – click OK.

16. Scroll down page to login information and click on WAIVER AND CODE OF CONDUCT – a new screen with open. Read over this and make sure everything is correct. You do not have to print this, we do not need a copy. Everything is done electronically.

17. You do not need to turn anything in to Willowbrook. They will send us something telling us you have registered.

18. If you get locked out of your account, I CANNOT UNLOCK IT! You have to email Karen Tarmon at the region at