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The Club Volleyball Season starts with tryouts in early July. After that we will have Prep Club Leagues for the younger age players until we officially start the season in Mid November. The majority of the tournaments are on the weekends between December and June, some teams may be beginning of July.

Teams practices are 2-3 times a week. Some teams will practice for 2hrs a day and some will practice 2.5hrs a day. We also have a mandatory Strength and Conditioning program that is included for most teams for 30 minutes.

Teams will usually play one to two tournaments per month for a total of 9-12 tournaments per season. The location of each tournament will depend on the different level.

Please see Club Fees Tab for all the different prices based on the different levels.

  • Our commitment to provide the best possible club volleyball experience for our athletes and families.
  • The commitment and ability to develop the athlete as a whole with our volleyball club, Mentorship Program and our partnership with Ollin.
  • Our amazing new facility with wood courts which provide a safer surface to prevent injuries.
  • The Family environment we create to allow us to have your daughters’ best interest in heart.
  • An unique mixture of International, collegiate and Club experience from our Leaders.
  • 2 coaches per team
  • Quality over Quantity Mentality
  • Family owned business
  • 25 years of tradition

We do not offer any guarantee on playing time to any athlete. Our purpose is to compete and be successful at the highest levels locally and nationally. While our coaches will do their best to get all team members on the court to get valuable competitive experience, our coaches’ priority at tournaments is making decisions that are in the best interest of the team as a whole and its success. Playing time is determined by many factors, including overall skill level, attitude, attendance, respect for coaches and teammates, hustle, and match dynamics. Many coaches will also utilize practice and match statistics to help make playing time decisions. All athletes will have equal opportunity to play, compete, learn, and improve during all practice sessions, assuming their attendance at practices is consistent.

Rosters will vary from 10-13 players

If your daughter doesn’t make a team, we strongly suggest her to stay involved on the other programs we offer throughout the year so she can be better prepared to tryout again the following year and make a team. We will offer several different programs and leagues to help her get better and more prepared.

Yes. This will be decided based on skills level and or team needs. The family and player will have the final decision. We will make the suggestion we think it would be in the best interest of the players.